Grow Hair - A visual report

I've been dreaming about animating Hair since its Demo.
Now I have he module I am amazed of how extremely powerful this thing really is.
I did not find how to keyframe aspects of Hair but the Xpresso Hair nodes are very very complete.

Here is an example of how hair grows.

Read on and enjoy the rest of my tests. This page is very heavy in animated gifs!

Follow up:

To get started Drag the Hair into the xpresso editor and just connect a Time Node-Frame port to the Length port of Hair. So every frame the hair grows a bit longer.


The result is quite funny!


Then I noticed that you can brush the hairs and grow them too.
Go to the frame with the longest hair and set them as you want with brush and such tools.
Like this for instance.


Hit play (F8) and enjoy or render the sequence and enjoy even more.


I will try to get further in this xpresso-hair thing as soon as possible.

So comb your hairs when they are long.